Dichotomous Keys – ELMValentine

Good evening:

The dichotomous key I created to classify the species displayed in Bins 1-4 is embedded within this posting.   Thanks!



Here’s the second version with edits & corrections.  – ELMV



  1. Rachel Liester

    I think I’m finally getting it after looking at your example. I remember you and Lisa talking about “keying out” plants, but didn’t do any practicing during the field study, like I should have done. I really do love learning this science and how to speak the language. Thanks for helping to interpret dichotomous keys.

    1. Erica Valentine

      I looked up botanical terms for cone and, now looking at it again, used an incorrect term and spelled it worng. I added an extra “a” in the plural form of glabulus (glablulus – singlar, glabuli – plural: a fleshy cone).

      Hm, I can’t seem to add media to comments. I recreated the dichotomous key with the corrections and was going to insert it in here. Perhaps I’ll be able to add it to my original post.

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