Dichotomous Key

BIOL195 Module 2 Dichotomous Key

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  1. Sydney Thielke

    Gooseberry Peter

    A. Woody stem
    B. Unisex flowers, monoecious
    C. Needle like leaves… PLANT #1
    C1. Broad, fleshy leaves…PLANT #4
    A1. Herbaceous stem
    B. Blue flower, 6 petals…PLANT #3
    B1. White flower, 4 petals…PLANT #2

    The plants were very easy to identify in this based on the description moving through stem, leaves and petal color. I’m used to seeing just binary questions, then moving onto a new system—not the “split” system.
    Plant 1—C (Plant #1)
    Plant 2—B1 (Plant #2)
    Plant 3—B (Plant #3)
    Plant 4—C1 (Plant #4)

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