Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Jess and I’ve lived in Alaska for almost 8 years. I’m married with six wonderful children that love to hike and explore the flora and fauna or Alaska with me as we take in the landscapes. I graduated from UAF with a pre-law degree and …


What a great assignment! I really had fun trying to track down specimens that fit the criteria for the definitions. I’m not so sure how perfect my choices are, but I did my best 🙂

Accounting Artist

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all as excited for this class as I am. My name is Destiny and I am an accounting student at UAF in my final year of my degree. I was born and raised in Alaska. Outside of school and work, I love to paint and draw portraits. I also like to incorporate flora into my work. I enrolled in this course so that I could learn more about my art’s subject matter, and to gain a better understanding of flora overall. I am currently in Juneau (normally in Fairbanks) and the climate is very different here. I love all of the different types of flowers and trees and hope to learn more about them through this course as well.

Here is what I have for my microscope.

I look forward to learning alongside you all!



Hola Amigos, Paolo, here attempting to introduce myself for my first eCampus class. I arrived in Juneau in 1972 and Fairbanks in 1975. I bought several acres of boreal forest & permafrost near Ester and have lived there off grid since. I also recently returned from my 24th trip to …