Taylor’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Taylor. My journey up to this point has been a little hard living in a small village with limited internet and places to go. I started taking taking this class because I wanted to know more about plants and how to determine what kind they are. I plant a garden every year, and my favorite plants are flowers and pineapples.

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  1. Welcome Taylor,
    it is great having you in class and I hope the internet will not be an issue for you in this class. I am looking forward to you documenting some plants from your area in Alaska. Often times students find unique plants in their immediate surrounding away from the cities. Pineapples are an interesting fruit. They are part of the stem of the plant and grow out of the leaves of a bromeliad plant. Bromeliads are often epiphytes that grow in the crutches of tropical trees such as Spanish moss. Pineapple is a terrestrial member of the Bromeliad family, so it grows in the soil. The flowers and fruits grow out of the stem and when you cut the pineapple from the top to the base the center of the pineapple is the stem, that you often cut out because it is very fibrous, the core. The pineapple is a multiple fruit, as each of the bracts represent an individual flower that matures into a fruit, taken together these clusters of fruits produces the pineapple multiple fruit. You can try to take the crown of leaves above the fruit and plant it, but they love humid tropical climate.

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