McGee Plant Bingo

This coming year I will be teaching a 3rd grade life science class. Some of the standards for life science involve the reproduction of plants as well as how plants adapt to their environment. This is why I chose some of the terms for the bingo card I created. I threw in the three types of leaves because I’ve really enjoyed identifying all the margins that we see around during our outdoor time. I envision using this during one of the class’s nature walks.

I apologize for the picture for stamen, my specimen didn’t make it back to my house to be able to put it on the board. Thankfully, I grabbed a picture of it.

Here’s the blank Bingo Card for anyone who might want/need it (it will ask you to make a copy when you click on the link, this lets you make any edits you might to make it specific to your grade/class).

3rd Grade Plant Bingo Card