Introduction: Shelby Green

Hello! My name is Shelby and I currently live in Eagle River, AK though I spent many years in Chugiak. I’m a high school student (going into senior year) trying to get ahead on credits. I intend on dual majoring in history and something else, and biology is something I am heavily considering. I’ll be staying in Alaska and attending UAA or UAF to do this. I’ve always had a distant interest in plants and biology, but this is my first step in learning more which I’m very excited about! When I was younger my mother maintained a vegetable garden that I loved to watch her tend to, and some of my favorite childhood memories took place in wildflower fields or otherwise surrounded by Alaskan flora and fauna. I currently enjoy fishing and kayaking with my mom and have been really getting into hiking.

My favorite plant is and has always been, forget-me-nots. They’re beautiful not only in appearance but also in meaning, symbolizing remembrance, deeply rooted love, and loyalty. These meanings are rooted in the myth behind their name which dates back to medieval times. Supposedly, a knight wanted to bring a gift to his lover and was entranced by the small, beautiful blue flowers. Not long after he picked them he fell into a river and was weighed down by his heavy armor. With the flowers still clutched in his hands he cried out his final message to his lover, “Forget me not”.