Rebecca’s Introduction

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I’m currently finishing up my EBOT certification that I began in January of last year. I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska and I was able to go to Hooper Bay, AK for the EBOT field course last summer. It was my first time visiting Alaska and it was so wonderful to be able to meet the plants that I had been studying from a distance. I’m pleased that this program has enabled me to learn so much about the plants around me here in Nebraska as well as Alaska. Through this program, I’ve been able to learn so much about plant uses, identification, chemistry and also it has also led me to meet many of the “plant nerds’ around me. I am really looking forward to photographing and dissecting plants in this class so I can better understand the anatomy plants.  

Job-wise, I am working as a Garden Educator for a non-profit organization called Community Crops that manages community garden spaces in Lincoln. A large percentage of our gardeners are immigrants and refugees. I’ve found that these community gardens are a wonderful place to learn about ethnobotany. I am always learning new things from other gardeners while I’m out in the garden. I also help create content for the Save Our Monarchs Foundation. I love learning about plants and being able to share that information with others. I am looking forward to getting to know you all a little better and learning from you all.

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  1. Welcome Rebecca, sounds like you are really into learning about plants and living your live by sharing that knowledge with others. That is great and I have found it is often a common bond we can easily establish with other cultures, because everybody needs to grow food (often those are plants), and we all have experiences on how to do that and thus it brings us closer together. Glad you are enrolled in this course. Yes, once you know the general characteristics of plant families, you can pretty much use that knowledge anywhere, Alaska, Nebraska, the world for that matter. There will just be slightly different players in each of these localities.

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