Equipment – Nikon camera

I forgot to post in my introduction what equipment I’ll be using for this class. I’m old-school and have had a smart phone for only a few months and hardly ever take photos with it. I purchased the macro lens and have tried using it with my phone, but find it awkward and I get motion sickness using it. So, I’ve decided to use my Nikon L280 camera for the photos. I’ve been taking photos with a Nikon camera since 1980 and it just feels more comfortable. Plus, the close-up magnification seems to be just as good as the macro lens, as long as I have enough light to give me a fast shutter speed and no wind (as I discovered when trying to get a photo of plantain seeds.)

I purchased the magnifying glasses for working with specimens. They seem to work good and even fit over my glasses. I like the hands-free capability they give me.