Hello from the Kenai. My name is Melissa Tuttle, I am 52 years old and just a few credits away from my BS in Environment and Society.   I am lucky enough to live on the banks of   Bishop Creek deep in the woods of Nikiski.   I have always enjoyed knowing what plant it is that I am looking at, I have a stack of beat up books that join me on my hikes who are kind enough to let me know what kind of   mushroom. or flower or tree I am looking at. I am excited to be taking this class an hope to increase my knowledge of the plants around me.   Amazon has already sent me my micro lens and I am waiting on the Opti-lens for a microscope option.

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  1. Welcome Melissa,
    great you are getting the optivisor, I think that is such a useful tool if you do not have a microscope and I am sure you will have many other uses for it, even after the class. I hope you will pick up a few more plants and ways to identify them during this class.

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