Introduction – Carrie from Fairbanks

Hello All – I’m Carrie Aronson from Fairbanks, AK.  I’ve lived here since I was a small child and have decided to make it my home as an adult.  I graduated with a degree in business in 2008.  I currently work at the University and run a small jewelry design company – I do a lot of work in silver but also work in gold upon request.  I sell at various art fairs and bazaars around the state, and I have my work in a few galleris.  My partner and I recently started a small peony farm here in the interior, we’ve been adding about 300-400 plants to the farm annually and have 2 more seasons of planting to go, our goal is to have 12-1400 plants when it’s finished.  It’s a small operation compared to others but we’re excited to be part of the Alaska Peony industry.  Our first set will be harvestable the year the final set goes in.  The farm project has increased my curiousity of local Alaskan flora, I would love to recognize plants and know what they are… as well as be able to talk about them.  We spend a significant amount of time in the Chitina area throughout the summer, I’m always surprised to see the differences between the Chitina area and Fairbanks.  Throughout the class I’ll be sharring images from both locations.  I’ll be using my iphone and the recomended lense kit during the class.  I plan to make the homemade stand for the phone and macro lense that was discussed in the video.  It seems like a great and simple solution!  I’m excited to be taking this class and learning with everyone here, it will be so fun to see snapshots of Alaska via the inaturalist photos we all submit.

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  1. Welcome Carrie,
    so great you are joining us! I share your love of peonies, but at a much smaller scale. I have 18 different species now, and I am just so thrilled when another one comes into bloom. So far this year, I had the fernleaf hybrid bloom and last week a star was born with Ballarena de Saval. This week it is Sonoma Welcome. These were bare roots I acquired from Adelmann’s in October, and I overwintered them in pots sunken in my raised planter. I hope to put them in the ground this summer. Both are scented and so gorgeous. Looking forward to some pics from the Chitna area.

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