Dichotomous Key

I was also confused by this assignment, but I believe the intention was to treat this like the lego exercise and devise our own dichotomous key from the bins provided. Here’s mine:


  1. Thanks Rachel,
    yes, that was the intention. This works. I would perhaps use the answer to the couplet on the same line, so for A I would end it in -> bin 1, and then the next couplet would be B. without flowers -> bin 4, and B’ with flowers… and so on. Each couplet should have two choices. Well done.

  2. Katie

    Hi Rachel,
    Your key works great! It was easy to follow and the terminology was distinct enough to understand what you were talking about without me having to look it up. I’m not sure that the F and G parts were necessary to include, unless there were additional notes you wanted to add to them. Overall great job! Thanks for sharing!

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