Plant Bingo


  1. Thanks Rachel,
    these are gorgeous images! You can make a table in excel, word or google sheets, and then add your pictures to each of the cells. It would be good to show some of the features in detail. For poricidal anthers I am looking to actually see the pores on the anthers. I am hoping to develop an illustrated glossary for the course as well, and I could use some of each students’ images to generate the glossary 🙂

    See below for poricidal anther dehiscence in Cassiope tetragona (Arctic bell-heather, Ericaceae).

    1. Thank you for the photo compliment. I figured out how to make the table and edited the post. If I can find better photos, I’ll edit again.

      Please feel free to use any of my photos for your project.

  2. Tometria Jackson

    What I loved about this assignment is that it required being out in nature, and being still enough to observe the tiny details that I’ve walked by a million times and never noticed. I’m not sure how technically perfect my specimens are, but here goes!

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