My Dichotomous Key

This seems right, not positive :/

A.   Flowering plant – B

B. White flower     Bin 2

B’. Purple flower   Bin 3

A’.   Non-Flowering plant – C

C. Cones            Bin 1

C’. No cones      Bin 4



  1. dmenning

    Ok, so corrected key is:

    A. Flowering plant — B

    B. Petals present – C

    C. White petals Bin 2

    C’. Purple petals Bin 3

    B’ Petals absent – Bin 4

    A’. Non-Flowering plant — Bin 1

  2. Rebecca Chandler

    I think it’s very interesting to see how everyone did their keys differently. Some focused on leaves, while others focused on flowers or the type of plant. Yours would work just fine to key out the 4 bins

  3. svisser

    I really liked how your key went backwards from mine, starting with flowers. Then, you get to the end without even mentioning the needles. Cool change in perspective!

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