BINGO- Rebecca

I had fun with this assignment and I think it would be a great activity for kids too.
The first Bingo, I used the terms you gave us and went outside to try and find them. I found this pretty challenging and for some I had to google examples (especially the  Porate anther dehiscence). I also was not able to find the silique on any of my Brassica plants. Instead, I chose to sub a flower that I did have.

I was so happy with how some of my macro photos turned out that I just had to show them off. So for the second one, I chose some of my favorites and then found ways to describe them. I picked out the most interesting terms that I found. I really feel like I’m learning a new language.

PS. did anyone else struggle with getting the document in the right format to add to this post? I had to use Google Drive to convert them to PDF’s and many times resize my photos so the file wasn’t too large. I wanted to have bigger pictures but it wouldn’t let me 🙁





  1. Thanks Rebecca,
    these are great!

    Yes, initially you can have students study terminology that you know they will be able to find outside, then send them out and whoever fills their bingo card first wins 🙂

    We just made it a bit more challenging. The porate condition in the capsule of poppy relates to the way it dehisces, but it is not porate anther dehiscence. Which unlike parts are fused in the lupine, the image is a bit far away to see? In the clover the papilinoid flowers are narrower then in other legumes, but I think stenopetalous refers to some really narrow, almost strap-shaped petals. But I can see that you are looking up the meaning of these words… I love learning this new language too, there are new words all the time that I need to check on too. Thanks for providing us with two BINGO cards!

  2. svisser

    Hi Rebecca,
    I thought about how I could spend the least amount of time on formatting and still make things work. I used google docs to create a 3×3 table and then I used the snipping tool. Have you ever used that in windows? I emailed all my photos to myself from my phone. And then I just had them open and snipped out the portion that I wanted in the bingo card. Then you can copy and past right into the google doc. It worked pretty well.
    I’m also enjoying learning the new language even though I feel like I don’t have enough time to practice it. It’s been fun, though!

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