It’s something of a mess but these are my dissections of four different flowers found at UAF’s campus. The fours dissections are of Ox-Eyed Daisies (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum), Bleeding Heart Flowers (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), Lilacs (Syringa pubescens), and a white flower from a shurb outside of Moore Hall at UAF I couldn’t identify.


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  1. Thanks Rodolfo, glad you were able to use Thinglink! Looks like you had a good time with it, as I commented earlier the two anthers on the lilac always amaze me. The whole Olive family has just two anthers, pretty cool. I think your mystery plant is Philadelphus, it matures into these really cool very watery berries in the fall. As kids we used these and threw them on the sidewalks on our way back from elementary school, they make kind of a loud popping sound, as they are somewhat hollow inside. It is a cultivated plant, and it does not seem like we have a specimen of it in the herbarium, if you can press one for us that would be great!

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