Hello to my fellow classmates

Hi there!

My name is Pinky (not my given name, but it is the only name that I am known by in the North) and I have lived in Alaska for around 6 years. I lived out of my tent & tiny camper while I worked as a wilderness guide for the first several years in AK and during the winter I lived and worked at a rural lodge at Lake Louise (AK, not Canada). For the past few years I have lived on the north side of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park on the Nabesna Rd. where I managed a rural ranch. This past year we moved to Fairbanks where we plan to live/work for a few years as we save to build a remote cabin where we can homestead and have a home base established. While we are living in the “city” I am embracing the opportunities that city life has to offer which includes taking courses at UAF in areas of interest. I have been interested in AK flora since I arrived in the state (mainly for personal harvesting for edible and medicinal purposes, but also for knowledge in my work as a guide) and I have been learning as much as I can on my own as I spend time in the woods. I am looking forward to an opportunity to learn much more from this course!

I am taking off on a two week kayaking trip in two days so will be gone for the first half of this class but will be ready to jump in and play catch up when I return!

(No photo as my dissection kit and lens have yet to arrive)

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