Hello everyone!

I moved to Fairbanks this past October and I’m excited to learn more about botany in general and the flora of Alaska in particular! I work as a copywriter and copyeditor in industries that have nothing to do with botany, but I always love learning. A deeper knowledge of what I’m seeing makes it easier for me to appreciate the landscape when I’m adventuring outside.   I’ve also spent lots of time exploring northeastern Minnesota, which is on the southern edge of the boreal forest and has many of the same plant species. It’s been fun to notice the differences between a particular species growing both here and in Minnesota, and I look forward to learning a new vocabulary to describe these characteristics.

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  1. Welcome! Yes, observing plants in different regions is always fun. I hope this class will bring this concept even more to the forefront. I often equate learning botany to learning a new language. If you take the time and make a point to learn a few new terms each day it will become second nature and you will be surprised how much you can describe with just a few terms. Cheers, Steffi.

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