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Hi everyone! I am an anthropologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Subsistence Management. I finished my PhD in ethnobiology at UAF in 2016 and my research focus was in ethnozoology, not the more common ethnobotany. Though I currently work as a social scientist, I also have a master’s degree in biology. Despite the degrees I never had the opportunity to take many botany classes. I have always enjoyed exploring the floral world, especially doing some hobby identification of wildflowers every spring and summer.

I currently live in Eagle River with my husband Dustin, our two dogs, and our large flock of chickens. Dustin and I just got married last Saturday so things have been a little hectic recently. I am also starting a new job in two weeks as the Regional Subsistence Manager for the National Park Service. I’m excited to be a student again too and to learn more about Alaska’s flora alongside of other distance learners.

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