Hello From the Kenai Peninsula

I’m a Social Work major in my senior year, and I had been dreading taking a biology lab until my advisor told me this one would satisfy the requirements. I love growing and nurturing plants of all kinds; they exude peace and calm, and there is nothing better than having my hands in the dirt fussing over them. I’m looking forward to this course and exploring the mysterious insides of growing green things. Upon graduation (next May), I hope to work in juvenile justice, and use some of the hard learned lessons gained from raising my own four children for the benefit of those who haven’t had positive parental examples. (Sorry the picture is sideways 🙂

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  1. Welcome! Looks like you are ready to take picture with your macrolens. Plants do indeed exude a certain calmness. Whenever I feel overwhelmed stepping into the garden or taking a stroll in the woods is very refreshing and takes you to a happier place. Seeing these gorgeous flowers and trees around me, and other critters, reminds me of our longstanding connection with the natural world. Cheers, Steffi.

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