Accounting Artist

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all as excited for this class as I am. My name is Destiny and I am an accounting student at UAF in my final year of my degree. I was born and raised in Alaska. Outside of school and work, I love to paint and draw portraits. I also like to incorporate flora into my work. I enrolled in this course so that I could learn more about my art’s subject matter, and to gain a better understanding of flora overall. I am currently in Juneau (normally in Fairbanks) and the climate is very different here. I love all of the different types of flowers and trees and hope to learn more about them through this course as well.

Here is what I have for my microscope.

I look forward to learning alongside you all!




  1. meanderson5

    Hi Destiny, Glad to meet you. I just ordered a pair of Optivisors very similar to this. They look like alot of fun to use. I am looking forward to receiving mine this next week. I have been to Juneau several times for work-related trips, and usually get to spend a day or two there roaming around. I love the basketball season there and enjoyed a few games here and there. I love art. My family is pretty “artsy”. My older sister oil paints and my niece and daughter draw quite a bit. My mom had us working on all kinds of crafts and arts when we were young, and I wish I had more time these day to do more of that. I certainly think I need to just make time. Thanks for your post. Marcia

  2. Welcome Destiny! Glad you are joining us for this class. I love to see some of your artwork incorporating plants if you feel like sharing it at some point in the class. Looking forward to seeing some flowers from SE Alaska. I love your “microscope”, cheers, Steffi.

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