What a great assignment! I really had fun trying to track down specimens that fit the criteria for the definitions. I’m not so sure how perfect my choices are, but I did my best 🙂

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  1. Thanks Tometria,

    looks pretty good. So for diadelphous we are looking for a plant that has stamens in two groups, a great example is a member of the pea plants… that pesky Vetch, Vicia cracca is one of them… but there are others around, lupines, locoweed (common at the roadsides throughout Alaska), peas in your garden…

    The siliques and legumes are a source of confusion too. I had responded with a long post on Jennie’s Bingo ‘jthumphrey’, look it over. There are lots of yellow-flowered weeds in the garden, and at the roadside, those are for the most part (4 petals, 4 sepals, cruciform flowers) in the Mustard family and will have siliques or silicles as fruits. See if you can find one. Porate anthers are a bit tough to find… most of the Ericaceae have those anthers. Lingonberry, cranberries, blueberries… but you will need to be a bit higher up in elevation to still find flowers of those.

    Otherwise this was a great BINGO example, glad you had fun with it, cheers, Steffi.

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