Bingo Attempts

I admittedly had some trouble identifying things, or at least being sure what I was seeing matched the definitions. But here is my best shot:


inferior ovary


palmate venation


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  1. Thanks Mandi,
    inferior ovaries are a bit tricky. You chose the Yellow or Arctic Rattle Rhinanthus minor as an example. There things are a bit obscured, since you have an additional bract covering the sepals and the sepals in turn are covering the ovary. So in order to determine if the ovary is superior or inferior you will need to make a longisection of your flower. I have tried to use some drawings images from the wild to make the distinction between superior and inferior ovaries. Fireweed in the Onagraceae is a classic example of an inferior ovary. The capsules that contain the fluffy seeds of the fireweed are the inferior ovaries. The sepals and petals of fireweed are inserted above the ovary, while in the Arctic Rattle the sepals and petals are inserted below the ovary, making the ovary superior in relation to the sepals and petals. Check out Erica’s post from last year on fireweed, some nice images there.

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