plant bingo

Actinomorphic yellow nasturtiums below

Siliques from unknown species from in my yard

Adnation Petunia plant Below

Needles from Spruce Tree Below

Inferior Ovary from Petunia Plant

Connation from basil species below

palmate venation from unknown species found below

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  1. Thanks! Petunia has a superior ovary. It is in the nightshade family (Solanaceae) just like tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepenos or the most ideal way of seeing the superior ovary is from tomatillos. Here the stem where the tomatillo is attached to vine is the peduncle, the papery wrapper are the sepals and the “green tomato” is the berry the ripened ovary which sits above the floral parts (sepals and petals) and thus it is a superior ovary. The petals are no longer visible on the fruits, but the sepals are. The siliques are a bit hard to make out from your picture. Best, Steffi.

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