Plant Bingo at Denali National Park

Plant Bingo pdf

Please click the link above for the completed bingo card.

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  1. Thanks BeLinda! Well done, how nice you were able to combine a hike with the
    Bingo assignment. I think your example of the silique is actually a loment (a fruit of the legume Hedysarum). Those two fruit types, legumes and siliques, are easily confused, I have added some detailed images to the post from Jamie. Check it out:

    Please look over diadelphous stamen arrangement, commonly found in Fabaceae, 9 fused, 1 distinct. Diadelphous is not to be confused with didynamous: 4 stamens: 2 long, 2 short
    (Lamiaceae & Scrophulariaceae). Best, Steffi.

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