Plant Dissection #4 Fireweed

Fireweed                 Description                                                  Biol 195,   July, 2019 MVS

Onagraceae Family                           Genus Charmaenorium angustifolium    Perennial Herbacious

Grows along roadways and sunny fields throughout Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (and in other states and countries)

2 to 5 feet tall with rhizomous roots

Inflorescence is a raceme.   Specimen has 11 bright pink blossoms towards apex of stem, apopetalous, aposepalous (each corolla has 4 distinct obovate petals and calyx has 4 distinct lanceolate sepals).   Bi-radial? symmetry.   Multiple terminal miniscule buds.

Lower simple leaves are pinnate, mostly opposite, but some above those on the stem are alternate, petioles very short.   Appears to be a perfect plant with pistils and 8 stamens observed.   (didynamous?)   Anthers appear versatile dorsifixed.  Longitudinal inferior ovary.


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