Dissection 2, 3, & 4: Watermelon berry, Highbush cranberry, and Blueberry

Watermelon berries (Streptopus amplexifolius) https://www.thinglink.com/card/1209572586724261895

Grows in very wet, dense undergrowth, usually with ferns and skunk cabbage.

Alternate, oblong-lanceolate leaves

Leaves are sessile

Parallel venation

Fruits (berries) hang from axils/peduncles

Axile placentation

3 carpels


Highbush cranberry  (Viburnum trilobum) https://www.thinglink.com/card/1209580316885254151

Widely spread but grows abundantly in understory of mixed spruce/birch forests.

Opposite leaves, three-lobed

Serrated margins

Palmate venation

Corymb inflorescence

Fruit: drupe, flat seed

Apical placentation

Alaska Blueberry (Vaccinium ovalifolium) https://www.thinglink.com/card/1209580855794597895

Prefers acidic soil, abundant in previously logged or burned areas.

Leaves: ovate, alternating, simple

Axile placentation

5 carpels

True berry



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  1. Great, for Watermelon berries (Streptopus amplexifolius) you nicely illustrated the single locule with intruded parietal placentation, commonly we find axile placentation with multiple locules (as in Tulip), but Streptopus is different.

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