Plant dissections

Thinglink dissections

Rosaceae – Rosa acicularis

Adoxaceae – Viburnum edule

Iridaceae – Iris setosa

Asteraceae – Achillea millefolium


  1. Wow these are great!

    Please update the Ribes to Highbush cranberry Viburnum edule in Thinglink, I have update your post to reflect it but in Thinglink it is still Ribes.

    Love the cross section of Iris, excellent example of three fused carpels and three locules and axile placentation. Wow, could not have done it any better! The rosa fruit longitudinal section is exquisite too. Thanks for taking the time to do this in Thinglink!

  2. seschillaci

    I definitely enjoyed doing the dissections! It’s no wonder I was confused about the Viburnum edule, I wasn’t even in the right family! Thanks for the ID help.

    It seems like many of the plant families list an old family name and a new family name – for example, Viburnum is now in Adoxaceae but is listed in older documents as Caprifoliaceae. Are these old/new names something that changed gradually over time, or was there a single major reorganization of plant families at some point in the past few decades?

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