Hello, All!

Hello! My name is Shelby – I am currently enrolled in the Ethnobotany program at UAF and this class came highly recommended from my peers! I’m very excited to learn about the flora of Alaska with all of you!
I am currently in the transition process of returning to Alaska from New York, and will be spending the month of July traveling cross-continent back to Fairbanks. I will be living there with my husband, our two dogs, and our cat. Hopefully I can find some unique plants along my journey that I can share with you all. All the best & looking forward to this summer semester!

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  1. Welcome Shelby,
    sounds like you are about to make your move back to Alaska. How exciting, especially since you are driving. I am looking forward to more of your posts and images of plants along your journey back to Alaska, cheers, Steffi.

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