Dichotomous Key

A Coniferous plants -B
A’ Herbaceous plants -C

 B Coniferous tree with needles (plant 1)

C Herbaceous plants with petals (plant 2)(plant 3)

C’ Herbaceous plants with without petals (plant 4)

D Herbaceous plant with white petals (plant 2)

D’ Herbaceous plant with purple petals (plant 3)



  1. Alexandra Thomas

    Hi Chelsea ! The characteristics that you use for the key to help distinguish between the plants are helpful because they are very easy to see in the pictures. But, I would suggest making it more clear that C goes to D and D’ like how the beginning of your key starts out.

  2. Nicole Balazs

    This key worked fairly well, I was able to identify all of the plants using it. The only suggestion would be to just identify the coniferous plant right away instead of having a B, as there is no further distinction needed after that one. So instead of ‘A. Coniferous plants – B’ just ‘Coniferous plants – plant 1. Also, for C, I think it should designate that D is the next step, just to make it more clear on the path.

    But great job overall!

  3. Kristina Hufford

    Great key! I was able to follow it and select each plant. What I wonder is how we develop a key if flowers (e.g. petal color) are not present?

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