I’m originally from Switzerland and have lived in Alaska for quite some time. In summer I run a hostel in Seward, where I meet travelers from all over the world. I enjoy hearing their stories and helping them to experience the area. I really appreciate living near the ocean and mountains. After all these years I still sometimes have to pinch myself and remind myself, how lucky we are to live where we live.
I usually spend winters at a cabin near the Matanuska Glacier, where I used to homeschool my children. They are both grown now, so I have more time to pursue my own goals. I enjoy being in the outdoors, hiking and camping, and I love learning about edible plants, food gathering and medicinal applications.

Here is the lens I am going to use on my phone, between two blocks.


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  1. Welcome Susanne,
    it is so interesting to hear the many stories from students taking this class. The outdoors and plants do attract a nice mix of interesting people. Glad you are able to participate in this lass and I hope it is useful for your continued emersion in all things plant-related in Alaska.

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