Dichotomous Key

Shellie Tabb

Dichotomous Key


A Plant has no flowers (PLANT 1)

 A1  Plant has flowers with petals white or purple

            B    Plant has flowers with white petals (PLANT 2)

            B1  Plant has flowers with purple petals (PLANT 3)

                    C  Plant has flowers with no petals (PLANT 4)


  1. Thanks Shellie,
    this works well, just remember you always want to reach a two-way option for the leads. So you will need to add something so that you can arrive at C.

    You could add another lead under A1 – plants with flowers, and then change the original A1 lead to B flowers with petals, B1 flowers without petals (plant 4). Under the B lead you would add C plants with purple petals (plant 3), and C1 plants with white petals (plant 2).

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