Hey Everyone!

I’m Erica and I’m from Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Growing up there, my weaving teacher, elders, and family friends taught me how to identify the plants that grow there and their traditional uses. I moved to Anchorage, where I currently live, to attend university several years ago. And I’m working towards a BS in Math at UAA. Since living in Anchorage, I’ve picked up on some of the plants that grow in Southcentral. But it’s not as comprehensive as my knowledge of plants back home in Southeast. So that’s why I enrolled in this class (and it sounded fun). I’m also pretty bad at remembering scientific names, so I figured this class might help with that. I’m excited to see our plant observations and learn more about plant morphology.

This is a photo of my “microscope” set up. I ordered a macro lens as was suggested. However, I didn’t have the tools on hand to make a proper stand. So I just stacked some books and used the glass from picture frames I have at home. I also included an example from my set up–a jade plant cutting I’m attempting to propagate. You can see the little roots forming, so hopefully this cutting will be successful.

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  1. Welcome Erica,

    Thanks for sharing your images of your set-up and the sprouting jade plant. That will grow for sure. Just be careful not to overwater it, they do not like wet feet :). I hope this class helps with plant ID and putting scientific names to some of the plants that you are so familiar with already.

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