Dichotomous Key

A Plant has cone -plant 1

A1 Plant has flower

B1 Flower has white petal-plant 2

B2 Flower has purple petal-plant 3

C1 Flower has no petal




  1. Jennifer l Burke

    Hi Shellbie
    Nice key! A dichotomous key will have two couplets, so best practice would see a C1 and a C2. Perhaps for B2, you could indicate ‘go to C’ and identify the last two specimens there. Also, your A1 (do you mean A2 here?) should tell the user ‘go to B’.

  2. Shelby Braun

    I like the initial differentiation between a cone presence vs. a flower. However, I believe that the color differentiation in ‘B’ and the petal differentiation in ‘C’ should be switched. In its current state, there is no clear step for moving on to item C1.

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