My name is Andy.  I am a professor of biological sciences at Indiana University South Bend, where I have been teaching introductory biology, evolutionary biology, and various botany courses for the past 25 years.  I was eagerly planning to make my first trip to Alaska this summer for the Botanical Society of America conference, but the pandemic put an end to that idea for now.  The next best thing, I figure, is to learn about Alaskan flora virtually.  I’m also keen to learn more about how Dr. Ickert-Bond has constructed her virtual course and to take away ideas for my own online teaching this next academic year.  I started out the course in South Bend, where I was teaching in June and early July.  Now I’m on vacation by a beautiful lake in Minnesota, surrounded by lots of plants to dissect and photograph and happily trying to catch up on my assignments and contributions to iNaturalist.

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  1. Welcome Andy, it is a shame Botany 2020 was cancelled, but I think you made good use of your time, and I hope this class gave you a small glimpse into what is to come for Botany 2022. Hope to see you then in Anchorage.

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