Dissections, Paeoniaceae. Peony 3/4

This example is a cut flower obtained from the Alaska Peony Cooperative. Very fragrant, this color and style is named Dutchess. Purchased in a bundle with Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’. If I’d known how popular the SB blossom is, I would have dissected one of those because of the information available

Dutchess peony grown in Alaska for the cut flower market.



Dutchess peony blossom.
Peony blossom petals. Approximately 130 with potential difference due to cat help.
Peony. Double Bisexual flower. 50-160 free stamens in a stamen ring.
Peony leaf.

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  1. Thanks Anne,
    I love peonies too. I have some thirty or so varieties in my garden. There are lots of different color blossoms, some are fragrant, some are single, some are double, but they are stunning when they bloom and it is not raining. They are an example of some of the more basal flowering plants with numerous stamens, and pistils. Two of my favorites from my garden: ‘Raspberry Charm’ and ‘Sonoma Welcome’.

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