Astragalus canadensis dissection

I’m not sure I have completely figured out Thinglink, but I really like the potential it has.  I’ve completed only a single dissection so far:

With the tools I had, I couldn’t tease the gynoecium out of the keel, but I did free the single 10th stamen.  Fruits are in various stages of development.  I was able to use my nifty macrolens on my mobile phone to get some good close-ups of both flower and fruit.

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  1. Thanks Andy, this works very well. Your photography turned out very nicely! I love the images of the different developmental stages of the fruits and of course marginal placentation. Well done! Keep on cutting up some more plants, this is what it is all about. It is great to see all of you using the terminology we covered and revealing the characters for the different families we discussed. So rewarding!

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