Plant Dissections

Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) Family:

Aconitum delphiniifolium DC. Larkspurleaf monkshood

Fabaceae (Pea) Family:
Trifolium hybridum L.   Alsike Clover
Asteraceae (Aster) Family:
Erigeron acer L. Bitter Fleabane


Ericaceae (Heather) Family

Orthilia secunda L. One-sided wintergreen


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  1. Nicely done Chelsea! These are some good images and use of ThingLink! The long structures protruding from in between the carpels in Ericaceae are the styles not the stamens. The stamens are adnate to the corolla and since the corolla is gone, so are the stamens when the fruit matures. I love your overview image of the clover, so beautiful! Also for the Asteraceae, each of what appears to be a flower in your images are actually inflorescences. The purple areas of these are the ray flowers and to the inside you find the yellow disk flowers that have a highly reduced corolla.

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