Plant Bingo – Prince William Sound / Copper Valley



Palmate Venation

porate anther dehiscence




Has inferior ovaries *don’t have image of them

I couldn’t find a silique plant. I also don’t know if these images are correct, so please let me know if they aren’t!


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  1. Thanks Amanda,
    these are great pictures for the Bingo card. Yes, the legume family has diadelphous stamens. Porate or poricidal anther dehiscence is common to Ericaceae (heath family) and Solanaceae (nightshade or potato family). Willows generally have longitudinal anther dehiscence. Aquilegia has superior ovaries, they also have a long nectar spurs. The flower is a little complex, but if you dissect them you would see numerous carpels in the center and the petals [p] inserted below the ovary (as in the image on the right).

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