Plant Bingo

It seems like this hot spell really took a toll on my local wildflowers so after a few afternoons of forest wandering, I admitted defeat and headed down to the botanical garden. I used fireweed twice because my photo of serviceberry for inferior ovaries came out incredibly blurry. I had to substitute longitudinal anther dehiscence for porate, because I did not happen upon a good example. The diadelphous stamens are from a white clover

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  1. Thanks Justin,
    these work, good job of finding a silique. Yes, the poricidal anther dehiscence is a bit tricky these days as most of the Ericaceae in the Interior are past flowering. Although there might be some examples already flowering in the Solanaceae at the Botanical Garden, some peppers, or the weedy black nighshade Solanum nigrum, or Solanum rostratum.

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