Taylor’s Bingo Card.

The first photo is the epicalyx.

The second photo is the epipetalous.

The third photo is the stellate trichomes.

The forth photo is the stamen(s).

The fifth photo is the capsule.

The sixth photo is the axile placentation.

The seventh photo is the whorled leaves.

The eighth photo is the corolla.

The last photo is the stipe.

(NOT all from one plant.)

One comment

  1. Thanks Taylor, you took a slightly different approach to this assignment using mostly images from fireweed. The fourth image is a pine cone… so a structure from a non-flowering plant. It is a cone, a woody structure and a bit different from a woody capsule. The 7th image does not necessarily showed whorled leaves, rather a palmately lobed or dissected leaves, since there is a petiole that attaches this leaf to the stem, so it is not a whorled leaf arrangement, these would directly insert on the stem at the node. Stellate trichomes refer to very specific hairs that are branched as those seen below in Hibiscus.

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