Dissections – SLC

Here are the ThingLinks to my dissections. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing these.

Globe Zucchini:

Wild Rose:

Arugula (Eruca):

Alsike clover:

Below is my dissection kit.


  1. Well done Sara,
    great job on the dissections and using ThingLink! I love your cross sections and longitudinal sections of the material where feasible. Yes, the clover is minute, and best dissected under a microscope. You can built a little stand and use your phone as a magnifying glass in a way and try to dissect things under the phone, although of course a microscope makes things way easier. You took some nice pics of the important features. When you talk about pinnately compound leaves, the “odd” part is inserted at the beginning – odd pinnately compound leaves. So in clover there are three leaflets that make up the odd pinnately compound leaf. If these were individual leaves there would be a bud in the axil of each of the leaves. The dissections of the rose hip are excellent! Beautiful hypanthium. Well done, thanks for sharing!

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