Asteraceae – Achillea millefolium var borealis – Yarrow


Onagraceae – Chamaenerion angustifolium – Fireweed


Ranunculaceae – Aquilegia formosa – Western Columbine


Rosaceae – Aroncus diocius – Goatsbeard


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  1. Fabulous job on these Amanda,
    have a look I think you might have mixed up the images of the leaves for Western Columbine and Goatsbeard. Maybe you can switch those? Wish I could stand in a field of Western Columbine as you show, stunning flowers. Nice photographs too! For the Yarrow have a closer look and look at each of the flowering heads in this Asteraceae example, there are ray flowers on the outside that make the head attractive and to the inside there are small disk flowers with short petals. Well done.

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