Dissection- Marguerite Argyranthemum frutescens, L. Asteraceae

Last but not least, the annual Marguerite Daisy. I thought this would be the least interesting flower but I actually enjoyed it a lot! It was the most fun to gather the images and I really love the images I was able to capture.


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  1. Great job on these. Nice photography and descriptions. Just remember that the Asteraceae head of flowers is and inflorescence, a capitulum. Thus the leaves you see on the underside of the head, or in a sunflower, those are the involucral bracts or phyllaries. Those are very characteristic to each genus and species in the sunflower family and are often used in identification keys for the Asteraceae. Sectioning of the ovaries would be interesting to show as well. The fruits in the sunflower family are achenes, so the seed is free from the ovary wall except for the point of attachment.

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