Plant Dissection- Yarrow

Below is the link to my first but not last plant dissection.


  1. Thanks Pier,
    this works well. Thanks for using ThingLink. Interesting how yarrow can have all sorts of different colors in cultivated specimens. Here in Alaska I have seen white and pink morphs in the wild, but not yellow ones. Since this is a member of the Asteraceae there are some special terminology to consider. So the larger flowers on the edge of each invididual inflorescence are ray flowers which are zygomorphic, and have a strap-shaped, 3-lobed ligule at the end, to the inside of those 5 ray flowers you will find a number of actinomorphic disc flowers or florets, which have short united petals with 5 distinct lobes.

  2. Pierette Imbriano

    Wow- I had my camera up on the highest magnification AND was wearing glasses and couldn’t see those little florets to even know they were there.
    That’s amazing!

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