Dissection- Alstroemeria, Alstroemeriaceae

I posted this last night (July 13, 2021)- but I don’t see it as I review my uploads so my apologies if this is a double post. Here is my final plant dissection. I love this flower, it’s beautiful inside and out.

The link is also receiving an error message, not a problem though, I’ve hyperlinked both the name of the flower below and the photo.

Please click here to see the dissections of Alstroemeria.

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  1. Gorgeous dissections! This turned out very nice, thank you for making the longitudinal and cross sections of the ovaries, that looks excellent. You can clearly see the axile placentation and numerous ovules that will mature into the seeds. Sometimes when the sepals and petals are very similar in appearance, they are called tepals, or petaloid sepals. From your overview of the dissection you can see that both calyx and corolla are petaloid, but the calyx is missing the dark markings in the inside. Excellent job!

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