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  1. Katia Keston

    Part of this post is to add pictures. While I do not have any of the favorite plant or myself, today I took a walk during a homework break when I found a hidden sign. Nearby plants strangely had a trend for the evidence of pests. While there was not the same in an herb garden, near the fence, or at the perimeter of a baseball field, what can be seen in this attachment was within a 5ftx5ft garden space.

    On that note, pictures from this camera did not upload since each one exceeds the limit (3mb)! What seems fine is to use the “Layout” app from Instagram to put multiple pics into one and keep the resolution. It works fine and can be a tip if someone comes across the same issue.

  2. Welcome Katia,
    sounds like you are enjoying many aspects of human plant interactions. I can appreciate that. I do love gardening and growing things, be it for the pure joy of raising all sorts of peonies for visual enjoyment, but also growing a variety of crops in our garden. Using the ‘fruits’ of our labor in cooking makes for some extra special meals.

    Thanks for your comments about the class website. I am trying to have the class open access so that students all across the country can access content, without the CANVAS “paywall”. The WordPress site should make commenting easy, thanks for the comment about the file size limits. You can also reduce the file size under settings for the image.

    Great images of the various plant disease manifestations in your neighborhood. I think the second one is due to leaf-cutting insects, and the two bottom images are due to gall-forming insects. The left one on a willow caused by the Willow Red Bean-Gall Sawfly (below a screenshot from the emerging grub), and the second one is caused by a Leaf Gall Wasp. Nature is so creative… thanks for sharing.

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