Erin Strand Dichotomous Key


  1. Excellent job on this key Erin! I like the simplicity of your key, while at the same time capturing the main differences in the morphology. Many people have a hard time calling conifer needles leaves, but in the true sense of the word, they are modified leaves that are needle-like. So that works real well.

  2. Katia Keston

    Hello Erin, Your key is legible and I made use of the symbol (‘) to signify the alternative to the first of the couplet. I’m not sure about traditional keys, but the one small improvement I see, but Stef did not mention, is it could perhaps make the first (not alternative) option to lead to the plant and the second (alterative) to lead to the next couplet underneath it.

    1. Katia Keston

      Disregard that one, it was meant for another key, I have trouble with navigation. Your key does seem complete and concrete to follow. The small matter I notice, since I did use hair for much of the key that I made, is to remember that pubescent is also a specific type of plant hair.

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