Introduction – Michelle Gonzalez

Hi everyone! I use to be a huge forager about 1-2 years ago. I was a very avid berry picker and loved to forage everything I could. I learned how to find all the berries local to Alaska here in the Anchorage/Wasilla region and then learned about mushrooms and other local edibles. Call is stress from work or my hobbies changing as I age but I no longer forage. I have a lot of things dried and saved from last summer and I no longer eat fish. I was also a very big fisher-lady. Now day I’m just focused on finishing my degree, taking much needed time to myself and working to pay for PA school down the road. I am also a mom to a teenager and 3 dogs. I am using my phone for my plant pictures, an iPhone 11 Pro Max. My favorite wildflower/plant is the wild Iris here in Alaska.

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  1. Welcome Chelle,
    I can relate, life happens and we find ourselves trying to adapt. I hope you will find joy in the class and perhaps you will reconnect with some of the fun of getting outside and hunting down some plants for the class. Iris setosa is a very special plant. I love seeing them flowering along the roadside and some of the patches seem to increase in size every year. It is a gorgeous plant. Your typical monocot with all the floral parts in 3s or multiple of 3s. Good luck with your teenager and the three dogs.

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