Introduction – Iris Harritt

Hello All!

I’m Iris Harritt and I grew up in Southeast Texas right on the Gulf of Mexico. I graduated with a BS in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and moved to Alaska 6 years ago! I recently finished an MS in Biological Sciences from UAF! I am taking this class as a refresher and as a way to rekindle my love for Botany! I am looking forward to learning more about Alaska’s Flora! I will be taking a 5 day backpacking trip in Denali during this course, and can’t wait to fully immerse myself in the field and identify as many species as I can while I am there!

I planted these irises in the ditch outside of my house two years ago! They are thriving this year! I always look forward to when the irises bloom around Fairbanks each summer!

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  1. Welcome Iris,
    how fitting planting some irises at your home. Great image! It is great you are taking this class, and I hope the Carex adventure has not spoiled botany for you. I try to stay away from Carex if I can help it, I think I have Carex-phobia :). Sounds exciting you will be getting out on a great adventure in Denali National Park. We just hiked the Bison Gulch trail which at its upper limit actually crosses from into the park, although the trail is for the most part no inside NPS land. Fabulous views.

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