Dichotomous Key


  1. Nikira Lane

    Hi Jasmine! Very nice dichotomous key. I liked how you used the leaf shape, presence of petals, and pubescence all as defining plant characteristics. I got a little bit confused with classifying both the needles and thin leaves from plant 3 as linear, but aside from this nicely done!

  2. Trim Nick

    Hello Jasmine! The botanist that I am NOT, I had some difficulty wrapping my head around dichotomous keys, even after watching the lego exercise twice, but the simplicity of your dichotomous key gave me a starting point with mine with the leaf shape, which I could understand. Utilizing petals (or lack of) and those with pubescent leaves was also a good way to differentiate the plants in question. After submitting my dichotomous key, I found that the use of ovate vs. linear leaves may not have been a good starting point (as I found that what I thought were ovate and linear, were actually not), but starting from another angle, utilizing those with woody cones vs. those without. Otherwise, a great dichotomous key from images where I could not find a starting point at first glance.

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